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Meet Katie

Hey! I know, my name can be quite difficult to pronounce (kah-tee-oos-kah), so to make your life easier, you can call me Katie.

People always ask me how I got started doing this, and the truth is that I sort of stumbled across photography/hair/make-up altogether. While I was getting my Commerce Degree (specializing in HR — yes, I know, a TOTALLY different path), I worked for an agency that specialized in Actors and Models. I was managing everything, and that included organizing and choosing talent photos. I had worked with dozens of photographers, and met with hundreds of actors and models, and received thousands of proofs, that I learned what angles, lighting, and outfits worked for different shapes and sizes. I knew what I loved about each photographer, and each make-up/hair artist that the agency worked with, but I also knew what I didn’t enjoy. I convinced the Agency Director to let me test on some models, and I was so particular I didn’t want to hire a hair/make-up artist because I just couldn’t explain what was in my head for each look. So I created my first kit, got a cheap Nikon, and set out to combine everything I had learned. Ultimately, I got to work for that agency exclusively for some time, before branching out and working with various other modeling agencies.

After I finished my four year degree, I quit my job at the agency and tried the HR thing. I was totally miserable doing it, (not to say its not a rewarding career, but it just wasn’t for me). After bouncing around random photography gigs with fashion designers, magazines, talent agencies, celebrities, non-profit organizations, professional associations, colleges/universities, and TV shows (as well as gigs that were totally not my thing which is a story for another time), I decided to focus on photography I truly love! By then, I knew I wanted to work with women (and kids), and I knew I would love to incorporate my fashion shooting style.

I knew what I didn’t want — a sleazy approach of photographing a woman. I wanted to keep things classy, but still steamy!

Boudoir, Fashion, and Maternity photography should be a beautiful, intimate, modern, and empowering experience for women.

And trust me, I know it’s not easy being in front of a stranger who is taking photos of you from every angle (and even more so when half naked) so I make it my mission to help you feel as comfortable as possible right from the start!

I am originally from Ecuador, and often travel back home. Being latina, you’ll notice there is always music playing during my shoots, and I love it when clients ask me to play their favourite songs. So don’t be shy and make a playlist for your very own shoot!

I’ll be there to guide you every step of the way. I promise to create the most beautiful images of you that I possibly can, and to make sure we share some laughs. By the end, you’re going to feel like a genuine goddess!